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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Protein Powder & Bars

Several people have been asking about Protein Powder & Bars...

Protein is a key element in maintaining and building your muscles. So if you need to replace, say cottage cheese, you will have to find the equivalent nutrition in something else. If you google it - cottage cheese has 14-28 grams of protein/serving and yogurt has around 8grams. So maybe a slice of turkey or two would be better than yogurt to replace it.

You can find PROTEIN POWDER and MEAL REPLACEMENT on my web site, including the protein bars.

A company called Shaklee has a great protein powder as well, and a weight loss MEAL REPLACEMENT called Cinch (like cinching your waistline), and soy protein, and meal replacement bars. My in-laws have a business store off of Falls of Neuse near Whole Foods - before you get to that plaza area (where Chic-Fil-A is)...there is a business row and it is in there to the left of a cat clinic. They don't have signage on the door, but that's it. All organic! My husband Jay works in his office there and so does my brother-in-law Jeff, and Judy is at the front too. The phone # is 518-2700 if you want to call and ask about anything or get directions. You've probably driven by it a bunch of times and never knew it!!

How about the other stores and brands? I'm sure there are some other good brands out there, but these are the ones that I personally know and love.

I hope this helps! ~Coach Amanda

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