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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30 Day Fitness Challenge - OVER!

To those that participated in my 30-Day Fitness Challenge...and even if you didn't... some thoughts:

How did you do? Did you stick with it 'til the end? Did you totally forget about it?

Personally, I tried to carry on from my 90-Day Challenge and after the first week I was done! I think the 90-day one took it all out of me. So I don't even know my numbers right now but I think they aren't my best for sure.

I will do another I think - come September maybe. After the summer, when things get "normal" for most people in their day-to-day. So look for one then.

Weightloss and health are ALWAYS going to be factors in our lives and the way we want to live. So take a look at what you can do each day, to make yourself feel, look or really, truely get better! Whether it's working out, getting that overdue pedicure or massage, taking time to read a good book, relaxing by the pool (by yourself), or finding that sunrise to sit in front of while meditating. Do something for you!

Remember to: Enjoy your life. Live in the moment. Count your many blessings. Love who you are.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


What a dancer Michael Jackson was... very, very good indeed.

At his best, no one could beat him.

So where were you when you heard the news?
I was just starting to teach my Turbo Kick class at Body Works and some ladies told me they heard on the radio that MJ died. I was like, "which MJ? the one that works for the radio station?" After some investigation... it was TRUE!

Like most people, I think I just didn't want to believe it. I grew up with the GREAT Michael Jackson...the Beat It, Thriller, etc times of his life, when I was just in Middle and High School. So I've seen every video and heard every song of his. I wasn't a diehard crazy fan, but a strong fan.

I feel bad for his crazy life. From no real childhood to where he couldn't go anywhere by himself. I don't think I could every understand that kind of life. How mad it must nuts! Especially how crazed some of his fan base was for him. I bet he lived in fear most of the time. I never walked anything like being in his shoes, so I can only say that I'm sure he is in a much better place and just what he needed right now. I feel for his family... I just hope they come together and keep tight after this.

So it's weird for me to think that my daughters won't really get the whole Michael Jackson era. They are just 7, almost 4 and just about 15months old. When questioned about MJ - they might say - WHO? Bummer! So I did give them a small lesson about him today, just to leave something with them about this day.

And Farrah Fawcett - I think her story moved me more than Michael's actually. Her tragic story of fighting for her life for years with cancer. A true optimist and had a gorgeous outlook on life. She said in one piece from her story, that she would "miss hearing the sound of the rain". I found that to be tender-hearted and I loved thinking about how rain is soothing sometimes. Hmmm. She did make me think of what I would miss most too. And given the fact, knowing that she would probably pass away, what she loved.... her story just broke my heart about her son and her partner of years. Very moving for me. She seemed truely inspirational.

So I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about this sad day in history. May we all LOVE a lot more and dismiss those things that just don't matter.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


A great group of ladies were in Jacksonville on Saturday, June 6th ready to TURBO KICK! Time FLEW by!

THEY ARE GOING TO ROCK TURBO KICK in Jacksonville, and wherever they teach!

To all TK attendees... thank you SO MUCH for coming out to learn Turbo Kick - Round 36 with me!! Isn't it so much FUN!!!???!!!??? Your classes are going to LOVE IT!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Farrah Thompson, the host club Group Fitness Coordinator, as well as MANY THANKS to Gold's Gym-Jacksonville for having me come out and present to all of these SWEET ladies! It was a joy and a BLAST to KICK IT and SHOP, wasn't it???

A special THANK YOU to Dana Wright for setting up this event. I believe that I can say that you will indeed be missed in Jacksonville with your move!

I hope to see you all at a future TURBO KICK WORKSHOP!

Much TK love,

PS - Sorry Dana, Sharon and Damelza... we missed taking our group photo with you! SHOOT! Next time! And if any of you have some photos you can send me, please do!

Monday, June 1, 2009


You pick your meal plan...
You pick your workouts...
You keep your measurements and weight...

REPORT on DAY 30 - JUNE 30th - to ME!!
(Getting fit just in time for the JULY 4th weekend!!)

NEVER too late to start - so JOIN IN NOW and see what you can do!

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See ya at the gym or on Beachbody with WOWY!!!!

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The results are in!
Can you believe that 70+ people joined my list to start my "90-Day Fitness Challenge"??? Awesome!!! Now just about 30 people actually kept up with the measurements, and in the end, only 15 completed the challenge!!!


I love that you all were enthusiastic to get in shape by Memorial Weekend! I hope you each lost and didn't gain in these 3 months. It was long, but now we know how tough it is to really stick with a workout routine and diet plan - UNLESS WE REALLY WANT IT!

For our challenge, there were 3 categories in which to win:
1. Lost the most POUNDS
2. Lost the most INCHES
3. Lost the most % WEIGHT (like Biggest Loser)
Each winner will receive: a MUSIC CD, protein bar, and case of water!! To keep you moving onward with your fitness goals!!

LBS: MINTORIA - losing 17.25 lbs!!!
INCHES: BETSY - losing 12.75 inches!!!
% WEIGHT: MINDY B. - losing 8.57%!!!

Here are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th placers (didn't they do great?):
LBS: Mindy B. lost 14.4lbs, Kelli D. lost 9lbs, Monique L. lost 7lbs
INCH: Steph C. lost 12", Kellie D./Roberta both lost 11", Mindy B. lost 10.41"
%: Kellie D. lost 5.92, Betsy lost 4.22, Steph C. lost 4.14

NICE JOB EVERYONE!! This was super fun and I enjoyed your enthusiasm and spirit of the challenge!

Now I look forward to our next challenge which starts TOMORROW!!