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Monday, June 1, 2009


You pick your meal plan...
You pick your workouts...
You keep your measurements and weight...

REPORT on DAY 30 - JUNE 30th - to ME!!
(Getting fit just in time for the JULY 4th weekend!!)

NEVER too late to start - so JOIN IN NOW and see what you can do!

I also want you to LOGIN to my site - it's FREE! and WOWY with me. I'd like you to login your workouts on WOWY and be able to see me and everyone else on there when we workout! SUPER FUN! You just click on WORKOUT NOW. You can even WIN A DAILY PRIZE from Beachbody, just for doing a WOWY LIVE! SWEET! I'm up for that!

See ya at the gym or on Beachbody with WOWY!!!!

Independent Beachbody COACH & Distributor
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