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Friday, March 28, 2008


This is me at 38 weeks just before class at Tone Up! What did I teach? Turbo Kick of course!! =) It's definately harder to breathe and I burned 615calories that night in just 45 min! My heart rate is way up. Wednesday was my last class with the diehard Turbo Kickers at Body Works in Wake Forest - nice going ladies!
So now it's Friday and I have just a couple of days left and then it's BABY time on Monday morning! This week has totally flown by for me and I only taught 2 classes!

I will miss all of my classes and especially everyone that joins me in them!! Can't wait to be back to normal already so I can get back in the gym! ;) Happy Spring and I'll see you in the summertime!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Yep, these and more ladies came to Fitness Unlimited in Washington, NC to do the new Hip Hop Hustle Workshop and, (everyone's favorite), Turbo Kick Certification this past weekend - March 7th & 8th. This photo is from our fun-loving TK group!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Host Coordinator, Tara Carter, for bringing me there and being such a gracious hostess! She really did well and being 8 months prego...she is a busy lady! Thanks Tara and congrats again on baby girl #3!!

A very special THANK YOU to fellow Presenter, Meredith Roy, of Charlotte, NC for driving out to these events to support me during my near 9-month pregancy! She voluntarily came out to be there for me and that meant a LOT! Thanks're aweseome!

And, of course, THANK YOU to all of the ladies that attended both of our events. (Sorry we didn't get a group shot of all of you HUSTLERS!!) Below are some shots of the TKers...ENJOY! ~Amanda

Sunday, March 9, 2008


OH Yeah...just look at these lovely ladies ready to rock your world with Turbo Kick!

On March 1st at FirstHealth & Fitness in Southern Pines, this group spent some FUN times with me learning all about Turbo Kick! A huge THANK YOU to the host club and fearless leader, Cinnamon LeBlanc-Young for having us there and being so accommadating & friendly!! =)

Here are some photos from the day...great job ladies - thanks for making it such a fun day!! ~Amanda

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Okay - here's me at 34 weeks last week...8.5 months.

These ones I took yesterday and I'm at 35 weeks today! Had a doctor visit and all looks well.


This small group did an awesome job all day learning the PiYo poses and exercises. I had a GREAT time with them...thanks everyone for coming!! And sorry we missed some of you that were hit by the flu and couldn't make it...catcha next time!

Gold's Gym-North Hills hosted this PiYo Certification event and a special THANK YOU goes out to Kimberly Campos for coordinating it AND the gym who supported it. Kimberly helped me out a lot and couldn't make it to the training at the last minute. You were missed!

Thanks again to all that attended and I hope you are feeling the PiYo LOVE and spreading around in your neck of the woods!! (Even Caressa out there in Greenville!)

Peace, Love & PiYo~ Amanda