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Friday, March 28, 2008


This is me at 38 weeks just before class at Tone Up! What did I teach? Turbo Kick of course!! =) It's definately harder to breathe and I burned 615calories that night in just 45 min! My heart rate is way up. Wednesday was my last class with the diehard Turbo Kickers at Body Works in Wake Forest - nice going ladies!
So now it's Friday and I have just a couple of days left and then it's BABY time on Monday morning! This week has totally flown by for me and I only taught 2 classes!

I will miss all of my classes and especially everyone that joins me in them!! Can't wait to be back to normal already so I can get back in the gym! ;) Happy Spring and I'll see you in the summertime!

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Anonymous said...

Amanda you rock. I totally needed to see that. I want to have a second child but have been terrified of what it might do to my fitness career (esp the turbo kick and hip hop classes!). Seeing you kicking it till the last minute gives me just what I needed to know I can pull through too. Your classes and family are lucky to have you =)