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Saturday, April 4, 2009


Month 2 is in full swing!

I realize that for some, this is your Spring/Easter Break - avoid the candies and chocolates! Think that once you start you might not stop! So just avoid them and don't tempt yourself. Instead, get those kids some books, paints, things to do instead of SUGAR! EASTER marks near our 1/2 way point so think about what you eat!

Suggested Meal Plans*
*Note: I am not a certified nutritionist - just a fitness enthusiast! =) Please check with your doctor before changing your diet or exercise routine. ~Amanda

Here is Week 6:
Note: If April 5th is your day off, this is for April 6th and on.

Breakfast - 1cup oatmeal w/8oz skim milk, 1Tb protein powder and 1/2oz raisins
Snack - Protein Shake of your choice
Lunch - Shrimp pasta pomodoro - boil 1 serving whole wheat pasta; in skillet, saute 1T chopped garlic in 1T olive oil until browned. Add 2Tb chicken broth and 1/2c peeled, diced tomatoes - simmer 5-10min 'til tender. Drain pasta. Add 9oz med uncooked shrimp to pan and cook until opaque. Add 2Tb chopped basil leaves and toss shrimp mixture to cooked pasta - enjoy!
Snack - 8oz cottage cheese or 1oz lowfat cheese w/6 whole wheat crackers
Dinner - Soy or Turkey Burger patty, mozzarella cheese 1.5oz; 1 baked potato (med size); 2.5 cups salad greens w/cucumber and tomatoes - 2Tb dressing (keep it light); 1/2c fresh berries.
EXERCISE: 1 HR CARDIO - pick a hard class or video!

Breakfast - 1 whole wheat bagel w/8oz cottage cheese and 1 med orange.
Snack - Protein Shake of your choice.
Lunch - Grilled Chicken Burrito - grilled or baked chicken breast serving; place in warm whole wheat tortilla w/1/2c chopped tomatoes, 2T cilantro, 2Tb chop red onion, 1/2c shredded iceberg or romaine lettuce, 1/8 avocado and 1T sour cream.
Snack - 4Tb hummus w/carrot sticks
Dinner - Grilled Fish Soft Tacos (from last week) OR 9oz Halibut, 1 artichoke and 1 cup berries.
EXERCISE: 1 HR WEIGHTS - kill it today, do more weight!

Breakfast - Whole wheat muffin with 3 egg whites and 1 egg scrambled; 8oz nonfat yogurt w/1.5c sliced strawberries.
Snack - Orange Cow Protein Smoothie - 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1/2c milk, 1/4c orange juice and add ice as needed and blend
Lunch - Tuna/Chicken Roll Up: whole wheat tortilla, 1/4c bean sprouts and diced tomatoes, w/tuna or chicken salad. (see previous "Menu Mondays" for recipe.)
Snack - 3c lite popcorn and 1.5oz string cheese
Dinner - 9oz chicken breast, 3Tb bbq or other sauce; 2c mushroom, zucchini and onion saute; 6oz grated parmesan cheese; and 1c brown rice.
EXERCISE: 1 HR CARDIO - go for a RUN, CYCLE, BOX, etc.

Breakfast - Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla Protein Shake.
Snack - Protein bar
Lunch - Turkey Sandwich & soup - 9oz turkey, 2 slices whole wheat bread, 1 lettuce leaf, 2 tomato slices, 1 cup veggie soup.
Snack - Non-fat fruit flavored yogurt.
Dinner - Salmon 9oz, 3Tb sauce of choice, if needed; 1c asparagus, 1 med baked potato, 3c salad greens and 3T dressing.

Breakfast - 2 Whole wheat waffles, 3Tb maple syrup, 1/2 banana, 8oz skim milk.
Snack - Pina Colada Protein Smoothie
Lunch - Chicken Pita - 1 whole wheat pita and pile in: 1 serving cooked chicken breast chopped (9oz), 1.5oz feta cheese, 1/4c chopped tomato, 2Tb chopped red onion, 1/4c chopped cucumber and a squeeze of lemon over top.
Snack - 1oz turkey jerky, 2oz soy nuts
Dinner - Ahi Tuna Salad - grill tuna 2-4min each side and slice portion sizes. Put 3c arugula leaves on plate and sprinkle w/2T soybeans and 1/4c water chestnuts (canned kind/drained). Add 1/2c papaya cubed and then the ahi tuna. Garnish with 1t sesame seeds and 3T lime-soy vinaigrette. And 1 whole grain roll. Lime-Soy Vinaigrette: in a blender, combine 1c rice vinegar, 1/2c soy sauce, 1/2c fresh lime juice, 4t dark sesame oil, 2t lemon zest, 2t fresh minced ginger, 4 cloves minced garlic - process til smooth.
EXERCISE: 1 HR CARDIO - Dance, Hi/Lo, Cycle...

Breakfast - 6 egg whites, 8oz cottage cheese, 6oz orange juice.
Snack - Protein bar or shake.
Lunch - SUBWAY DAY - 6" sub (same list as last week)
Snack - 1Tb peanut butter w/celery sticks and 1oz dried fruit.
Dinner - 9oz Filet mignon, 3Tb pear/peppercorn sauce, 1c porobello mushrooms and 1c wild rice. Pear & Peppercorn sauce: small saucepan blend 1c OJ and 1Tb flour - bring to boil, simmer til reduced to 3/4c. Add 2 med pears, 1Tb dijon mustard, 1t crushed peppercorns and 1/4t ground nutmeg and continue cooking until blended and thickened (few min).
EXERCISE: 1 HR SCULPT or CARDIO - your choice!

***WATER, WATER, WATER! You can't get enough and our bodies so need it. Also make sure you are getting enough SLEEP! Don't stay up on Facebook or cleaning house when you can be SLEEPING!

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