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Sunday, January 23, 2011


If you've ever taken a Turbo Kick class before, you may not know how it first started out... but I do! I was at the first ever training for it and I have the VHS to prove it! This is about 13 years old! Time flies when you're having fun! Thanks to Chalene Johnson who is the creator and leader in most Turbo Kick videos. Enjoy! =) I love it!


Allison S. said...

round 1. oh my! my favorite part is the outfits :) this totally makes me miss wednesday night turbo!!! so far i haven't found any classes here, so hopefully when i can say more than 'my name is allison' i can find somewhere to teach!

miss you!

Amanda Henderson said...

Go Allison Go! You gotta do it! =) Hope you're doing well way over there! =) I saw Sandra & Amanda today at CHC!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious what tracks were in Round 1...since the training videos tend to have generic demo (pseudo covers).

Amanda Henderson said...

Anonymous - they are so old and are on a cassette tape. I'd have to find something that would play it! No songs with words. They were all more techno type songs from what I recall.