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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Story With Beachbody

Being a fitness professional for years, I wasn't that interested in joining as a Coach with Beachbody at first since I workout at the gym and not so much at home. But I realized that I actually DO workout at home prepping for my classes and I did start with some home videos back in the day. And I know MANY people that still use them to escape the gym or because it's a quick way to get a workout in, etc. So then it seemed to fit for me. Especially since I am a product of Turbo Jam! Been doing Turbo for over 13 years! I love it!

Now, as I Coach and help those customers that Beachbody sends to me, and my own friends & acquaintences, I really see the value in stepping out more to help people and, in return, helping myself with a weekly paycheck from Beachbody! =)

I love what I do and if you want to know really...what it is, watch this clip and see if it's for you. You never know and it's Free sign-up thru this Friday...goes back to $40 to sign up to be a Coach Jan 1. Of course you can just login for free so I can be your free Coach =) and for all the free info on the site. I love it!

So check out the video and see if joining my team is for you or someone you know...

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