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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Just look at this killer HIP HOP HUSTLE group! Lots of energy and a blast of a class in Raleigh, NC! Way to work it ladies!!

To all of my HIP HOP HUSTLE TRAINING Participants: You all came with such great attitudes and a willingness to free it up and dance your booties off!!! Thanks for being so wonderful! It was an absolute PLEASURE to spend the day with each and every one of you and I only hope we can do it again soon!

And a BIG THANK YOU to my KERR YMCA and Group Fitness Director, Mariu Garcia, for hosting this aWeSoMe training!! A great fitness room that I teach Hustle in every Monday morning! I felt so lucky driving just 2 minutes down the road for it!! =) Ahhh!!! Thanks Kerr Y!

WAY TO GO LADIES! I know you'll have a blast teaching young and old this WAY FUN DANCE CLASS! So many people just need to move their bodies and this gives people the freedom to MOVE! Enjoy it... give it some PASSION... and share that HUSTLE FEVER like I do!! ;)

My name is Amanda... and I AM a HUSTLER!!! XOXO!

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