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Sunday, September 13, 2009


This is TRUE and it's free to join in!!
If you workout or are trying to lose some weight, then is definately something you should do!

* First, go to my site:
(I kid you not, just do this and thank me later!)

* Next, Click on ANYTHING and get your own login name... for FREE! (If you are already a member, skip this part.)

* Then, check out what can do to WIN in the Million Dollar Body Game! (For real and it's worth it to enter - I know a lady that won $ for losing weight and is now a Coach and makes 6 figures!)

Million Dollar Body Game - What is it?
Play the Million Dollar Body Game and you could win money just for working out. Every year Beachbody gives away thousands of dollars to members of the Team Beachbody community as a way of saying thank you and to reward your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Ordinary people have achieved extraordinary results using Beachbody's fitness programs, and you could be one of them.

There are two great ways to play the Million Dollar Body Game:

1. WOWY SuperGym™ Daily Sweepstakes
Every day that you log in to WOWY SuperGym™ and enter your workout, you will be automatically entered in the Daily Sweepstakes. You could win a $300 cash prize or an electronic item such as an iPod, digital camera, or portable DVD player. And one day a week—the Mystery Day—someone will win $1,000.

Free members can also enter the Daily Sweepstakes. Click here to complete the alternate entry sweepstakes form each day you wish to enter the contest and log your workout in WOWY SuperGym™. The sweepstakes entry form needs to be completed and submitted by 11:59 pm (PST) for each day you wish to enter the Sweepstakes.

The Daily Sweepstakes gives you 365 reasons to keep Pushing Play. Winning cash and prizes just for working out—now, that's motivation!

2. Million Dollar Body Game Monthly Success Story Contest
Tell us your story and you could be one of eight $1,000 monthly Success Story Contest winners. In this contest you send us before and after photos of yourself and answer a few questions. Each month we choose a male and female from four different age categories and award them $1,000 for their body transformations. You can enter the contest even if you're still a work in progress; as long as you're seeing results we want to see your entries.

And it doesn't end there. The eight $1,000 monthly winners are automatically entered into the $10,000 quarterly contest. Without any extra effort on your part you will have a chance to win $10,000 just because you decided to get in shape and tell us about it.

Still need motivation to work out and eat right? Each of our monthly contest winners is eligible to enter the Million Dollar Body Grand Finale Contest, where the grand prize is $25,000. Each year we put on a huge party where we invite the finalists in the Million Dollar Body Game, and at the end of the night one male and one female each go home with a cool $25,000.

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