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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


MARCH 1st is the kick-off of my first "90-Day Fitness Challenge"!

I thought, why not challenge myself, and everyone else, to get in tip-top shape BY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! It's just too perfect! So get ready to shed those unwanted pounds and body fat just in time to enjoy your new swimsuits!

This will be much like "Biggest Loser", but for everyone's own individual benefit and we don't vote anyone out! =)

(Make sure it's okay with your DOCTOR before you begin working out or varying your diet!)

1) You email me that you want to join in (I need your email to send you some info!)

2) You will be in charge of your diet and exercise program, BUT - I am your COACH! I can help you along as you need me. Please know that I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST, JUST A FITNESS ENTHUSIAST! Remember to check with your doctor first before changing your diet or exercise!

3) You will take your measurements, your weight, and a digital photo of yourself on DAY 1, DAY 30, DAY 60 and finally DAY 90! How else will you see such results? ;) You will NOT have to send me your photos! You WILL be emailing me your measurements and weight. I will be logging it into my spreadsheet to see who our biggest losers are, so this information is important!

4) THE MEASUREMENTS: Chest, upper arms (largest part of L and R), waist, hips (this IS around the booty ladies!), thighs (largest part of L and R). Write these down and email them to me - including your weight!

5) THE WORKOUTS: You will be doing at least 1 hour of exercise daily, with 1 free day off (like Sunday).
If you have a gym membership - you can do workouts there; must include cardio AND weights. If you are in Raleigh with me - I'll be stepping it up and KILLING ya in class, so be ready!
If you do NOT have a gym membership - you need to have videos to workout with. My site has a wide selection...go to: - click on Products. You will first set up your account to purchase things (just like other websites have you do to start shopping.) I RECOMMEND TURBO JAM and POWER 90 for beginners; CHALEAN EXTREME, P90X, and TURBO JAM for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

6) The 1 free day off... Exercise - this means no workout or maybe just a light walk. Food - this does not mean eat everything you can! You won't want to blow everything you worked hard at all week, so just have that ONE slice of pizza, or that ONE chocolate bar. Be smart about it.

7) THE DIET: I will be sharing weekly meal plans/suggestions and what to avoid eating, etc via email. You may need to modify it for your own calorie intake needed for your body. This is based on your age, height and weight. But again, be smart with your choices. There are many sites that can help you calculate what your calorie intake should be. (Google it) And if you're unsure, email me. I'm not a nutritionist, nor do I have a degree in this area, but I can help guide you in the right direction.

Personally, I will be doing my gym workouts along with Turbo Jam and ChaLEAN Extreme (or P90X) at home on my off days. My goal is to have 100 people doing this with me, and together we can shed the pounds we have always wanted to lose! This time we will be ACCOUNTABLE and DETERMINED and DEDICATED to do it!!!

**I will be posting my own fitness journey on this site.**
Are you ready? and WHO IS WITH ME???

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