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Friday, January 17, 2014


SHAKES NOT CAKES!! Seriously... if you're NOT using Shakeology right now to help you on your fitness journey, your body deserves at the very least to try it for 30 days! You are WORTH every stinkin' penny that it costs to have it! Do yourself a favor and get it! It's one of the best things I've ever done for myself because now I have energy in the morning (chocolate shake for breakfast - YES PLEASE!). It's fast in my crazy busy life getting kids to school, it's choc FULL of dense nutrition, keeps me regular, makes me feel awesome, and even my 8 year old food challenger LOVES it! I mean, I wouldn't get on a soap box and shout it to you if I didn't think it was 100% worth it. IT SO IS! I'm tired of keeping it quiet and watching my friends and challengers miss out on such super great nutrition.

Seriously.. try it for 30days - it's a $-back bottom-of-the-bag guarantee!

***HOW TO ORDER***THIS IS KEY*** Order a BAG and do AUTOSHIP or HOME DIRECT. This gives you a $2 shipping rate instead of like $15. So SMART!!! And then if you love it... you're ready for your next bag to arrive the following month. If you don't love it... you send it back and cancel. If you love it but need to skip a month... you email them and they put it on hold and give you your next shipping date. EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY!! Or order the BOX with 3 kinds - Chocolate, Vanilla and brand spankin' NEW Strawberry! (24 servings in a box and the bag has 30-32). Okay - there. I feel better that I've shared this with you. I care about your health. I want only the best and finest ingredients for you. Get your order in by the end of the month. Heck - do it now! YOU'RE SO WORTH IT! And when you order - let me know! I have a slew of recipes for you to try!!! =)  CLICK HERE to see what's available.

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