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Sunday, October 24, 2010



If you haven't made it out to Hip Hop Hustle class at the Y - don't delay!! We have been working on THRILLER & we'll be performing soon!!

Class times are:
- Mon, 25th & 11/1 - 10:30am w/Amanda at Kerr YMCA... performance* day Nov 1st!!
So just wear your Halloween costume to bed & come to class!!
- Tues, 26th - 5:30pm w/Amanda at Factory YMCA... performance* nite!!!
- Wed, 27th - 7pm w/Traci at Kerr YMCA... performance* nite 27th!!

*Performance nite/day:
This where we get into character and dress the part to perform THRILLER!! So wear your creepy yucky wardrobe, rip up some tees and pants/skirt, make your hair crazy, & do some face painting!! I will videotape it so you can remember how GHOULISH you looked. If you don't want to be featured, you can hold a camera!

Here's a link so you can learn before you come to class if you want. - just follow right along. She has other clips too, so watch the one before to go slower.
And see my friend Nolan's version. So cool!! - get outfit ideas!!!

See you there!!!

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