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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Memorial Day Challenge - Week 4

This IS week 4 so AFTER this week - WEIGH IN, PHOTO & MEASUREMENTS on Monday, May 3rd! Just to check in and see how you're doing.

Here is my Week 4:

APR 26 (DAY 22):
Workout: 1 HR CARDIO!
Breakfast - Shakeology
Snack - Protein bar and tall glass of water!
Lunch - Shrimp Stir Fry - 60z shrimp, rinsed and drained. Heat 1/4T low sodium soy sauce, 1/2t rice vinegar, 2T chicken broth in saute pan on med heat. Add 1/4t minced garlic and 1/4t minced ginger and saute til tender. Add 1/2c red onion wedges, 1/2c broccoli florets, 1.25c snow peas, 1.5c mushrooms halved, 1/4c yellow bell pepper cubed and 1/4c water chestnuts (drained) to the pan and saute, adding more chicken broth as nec. Add shrimp when veggies are 1/2 cooked & saute until veggies are tender & shrimp opaque. Also get 1T sesame seeds & 1oz cashews
Snack - 1 string cheese
Dinner - 6oz chicken breast, 1/2c green beans, 1/2 baked potato or 1 small one - mash & add butter buds

APR 27 (DAY 23):
Workout: 30-45 MIN SCULPT/1 HR CARDIO
Breakfast - 3 slices turkey bacon, 45 egg whites scrambled with 1.5oz parm cheese grated and 1/2T fresh chopped basil
Snack - Protein bar - P90X
Lunch - Chicken Salad: 6oz skinless chicken breast -combine with 2T mayo, 3/4 dijon mustard, 2T green onions diced, pepper to taste, 1/8 dill (optional), 1/4c celery diced. Combine and chill 15min. Add 2 leaves of chopped romaine as option;
Snack - 2 oz Soy Nuts or protein smoothie
Dinner - 6oz Halibut, 2T pesto sauce, 1c wild rice, 1/2c steamed or grilled zucchini.

APR 28 (DAY 24):
Workout: 1 HR CARDIO!
Breakfast - Shakeology
Snack - 2 boiled eggs
Lunch - Chef Salad - 3oz turkey chopped, 3oz ham chopped, 1.5oz mozzarella cheese chopped, 1/2 roma tomato chopped, 2 cups romatine lettuce chopped, 1.4 c hearts of palm chopped, 1oz avocado diced with 2T ranch or italian dressing
Snack - Small Shakeology
Dinner - Grilled Salmon w/lemon, 1 yam/sweet potato baked at 450 for 45min, saute 4oz mushrooms in lg skillet 3min then add 1 5oz bag baby spinach leaves and cook 3 more minutes.

APR 29 (DAY 25):
Workout: 1 HR SCULPT
Breakfast - Chocolate Oatmeal! - In a bowl, combine 1/3c uncooked whole-grain oats (non-instant) with 1/2c water, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder (24gr protein). Microwave high until oats cooked - about 2min. Stir in 1T natural peanut butter and a bit of sugar substitute to taste. Pour 1/2c skim milk over.
Snack - 2 boiled eggs and 1 small orange
Lunch - Turkey Burger - combine 6oz grnd turkey, 1.5T sourd bread crumbs, 3T low-fat buttermilk, 2t green onion minced, 2t parsley chopped, 1/4t dijon mustard, 1 dash Worcestershire sauce and black pepper to taste. Grill about 7 min each side.
Snack - 1/2 cantaloupe with 1c cottage cheese
Dinner - Shakeology

APR 30 (DAY 26):
Breakfast - Shakeology
Snack - 1/3c hummus with veggies for dipping
Lunch - Fired Up Chicken Pita - 1 serving chicken breast cooked and cubed. In mixing bowl combine chicken, 1/2 cucumber diced, 1/2 roma tomato diced, 1 slice red onion chopped, ground red pepper to taste, 1T plain yogurt and hot pepper sauce to taste. Spoon into whole wheat pita.
Snack - Small Shakeology or protein bar
Dinner - Salmon, zucchini or broccoli, wild rice.

MAY 1 (DAY 27):
Workout: 30min SCULPT / 30min CARDIO
Breakfast - 2 slices turkey bacon, 4 egg whites scrambled w/2T skim milk. Add 1.5oz mozzarella cheese and salt/pepper.
Snack - protein bar and water
Lunch - Tuna/Chicken Salad - 6oz tuna or chicken (canned) drained. Add 2/4oz mayo - mix thru then add squeeze of lemon, 1T shredded carrots, 1T chopped celery, 1T chopped green onion and 1t celery seeds - mix well.
Snack - Shakeology
Dinner - Chicken Kabobs - 6oz chicken breast in 1" squares, green and red bell peppers chunked, mushrooms and red onion --thread alternating pieces on skewers and lightl brush with olive oil and sprinkle with Chicken seasoning. Grill 5min, turn and grill 5min or until done. Serve with 1c wild rice and one kabob (about 4 chicken pieces).

MAY 2 (DAY 28):
Day off!

Suggested Meal Plans*
*Note: I am NOT a certified nutritionist - just a fitness enthusiast! Please check with your doctor before changing your diet or exercise routine. =) ~Amanda

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