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Thursday, December 13, 2012


I had the opportunity to be flown out to Beachbody Headquarters to meet CEO Carl Daikeler and his team of professionals for our new Master Trainer 2-day extravaganza! Flight and accommodations were paid for, a gift basket was awaiting in the room filled with goodies, and I was there with the BEST people who I have known and loved for at least 8 years as part of the Powder Blue Productions APD/Presenter team. What a dream of a trip!! We were fed great breakfasts and lunches for the 2 days and even treated to a very elegant dinner the first night with Chalene and Bret Johnson (founders of PBP) - AND even Carl showed up to make sure all was well! What a kind and thoughtful guy! We were also treated to free shopping -$100 worth of TurboWear for each of us- on the house! Also given Derm Exclusive - the new skincare line that Minnie Driver is promoting and Beachbody is marketing! (I'm giving it a test run now!!) We also given a new blue jacket that have P90X, Turbo Kick, Hip Hop Hustle, PiYo Strength and Insanity logos on the back and say MASTER TRAINER as part of our new Beachbody threads! =) I mean - spoiled big time!! And we got to workout together - such bonding time!! And lead by Chalene Johnson herself testing Turbo Kick Round 54 - I LOVED IT!! It wasn't JUST lavish gifts...the 2 days were spent discussing new info for us as now Master Trainers with Beachbody (since Chalene & Bret sold PBP to Beachbody) and how we can better serve and reach those we cater to. It was an excellent time of bonding, sharing, listening, hugging, high-fiving, and best of all - connecting!! I feel so connected to each and every one of these ladies and gentlemen that do the same thing I do. I am grateful for their leadership, character, love of the company, and desire to just do and be better all the time. They lift me up and make me smile!! I am honored and thrilled to continue my journey as a Beachbody Master Trainer!! See you all at a training or class soon! ~Amanda ps - read up on Carl's Blog about it here:

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