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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Are You Ready to Lose the Baby Fat?

Yep, this is me at 9 months post-baby #4. =) I'm still not "skinny"... and I AM wearing jeans and a black top that still cover up the belly fat.. but I'm on my way!!! I always struggle with the fat around my mid-section and I know it has EVERYTHING to do with my diet because I workout about 5-6x's/week. My downfall is chocolate and sugar. Like most, I find it hard to avoid and it's my "go to" when I need a quite something. So I'm learning to replace it by choosing healthier options like protein bars, more fruit and vegetables, and gum! Why do I mention all of this... well, because I want to be accountable and to write it down that I am going to lose the rest of this weight and get in the best shape of my life. And you can join me too!! I do fit challenges quite often on my Facebook page -if you can get into one of my Groups, so if you are dreading this time of the year with all of the holiday treats - contact me! Love to have you walk the path to a healthier YOU for 2013! ~Amanda

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