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Monday, July 9, 2012


You have to make an effort to do something. If you want to move forward in life, just take the step and do it. Otherwise you'll be saying "what if" all the time and never know. I did this with being a Beachbody Coach. I thought "why should I"?
Will it be too big of a step? Will it really be helpful to others if I join in? Will this take away from my family? How can I do this with so much on my plate already?
Thing is - I just took the step because I didn't want to say "what if". So I did it, and I made it work for me. To fit in my already busy schedule and I had to shift a few things. Not a big deal. I actually found that it was already part of my life in a way, but now I could reap some $ rewards in helping others!! YEA!!! So just take a step and see what lies in store for you!! Bet you'll be glad you did! ~Amanda

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