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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Starting MONDAY, JAN 18th thru FRIDAY, FEB 12th... lose weight, feel great just in time for Valentine's Day!! and this time there's something to win!

The Low Down: You workout for 25 days and eat clean - You see results to look & feel HOT!

The Catch: You do what I say...for I am your Coach! =) You must pretend I am in your face as your personal trainer. You must workout HARD, you must post a note on your fridge and pantry that says - EAT RIGHT. You must do your best effort to give up all soda, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, junk food, fast food for this time period of 25 days!

The Payoff: Prizes awarded from me to the 2 that KILL IT!

First Place for Most LBS Lost - New Fitness Program of Choice: Turbo Jam by Chalene Johnson, Brazil Butt Lift by Leandro Carvalho, or Hip Hop Abs. Sweet!
First Place for Most Inches Lost - New Fitness Program of Choice: Slim in 6 Express, Chalene Johnson's Get on the Ball, or P90X Plus. Nice!

(Winners may opt to receive a package of P90X Peak Performance Bars & Weighted Gloves instead of a Fitness Program.) To view fitness programs - go to my site at:

Get ready for this and watch for diet and workout postings here by Sunday! YAHOO!

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