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Thursday, August 14, 2008


CHECK THEM OUT! Here are the latest and greatest Turbo Kick Instructors in North Carolina!!

They all came out to the Sportscenter Athletic Club in High Point to take the all-day training. A special THANK YOU to the club and to Coordinator, Christy Weaver for hosting our event!! We appreciate you!

I missed getting a photo with the Vet TKers that came to the ROUND 33 WORKSHOP - SHOOT! Because they all looked HOT and they brought their own flava and it was a ROCKIN' good time! Thanks for driving out ladies and gents! Much KUDOS to them for helping show how Turbo Kick can GO!

I loved every moment (even though it was hard to leave the baby and my other 2 girls behind at home!) - I LOVE TK! Thanks again for a fun-filled day! Now learn your stuff, get out there and share that TURBO-fied life! ~Amanda


Denielle said...

I can't find any tk classes in HP! where are you teaching?

Amanda Henderson said...

All of my classes are posted here on my blog in the right column. This training was over 2 years ago, so imagine some people have moved, coordinators for clubs have changed, etc. So it may have fizzled in some areas. I will return to do some more trainings there in Feb hopefully.